The following terms and conditions (“Terms and Conditions”) apply to any purchase of ANACOIN (ANA), the cryptographic digital token (“Token”) that The Ananas the Foundation (“Foundation”), UK registered charity 1164664, intends for sale in connection with the Ananas project (“Project”), by the purchaser (“Purchaser”), through the sale of Tokens on the Ethereum blockchain as detailed on the Foundation websites at and as part of its main fundraiser (“Sale”) and in conjunction with development of the Ananas platform (“Platform”).

1. Grant of Right to Receive Tokens and Platform Use License. The Foundation shall deliver within two weesks of purchase to the Purchaser the amount of Tokens to which Purchaser will be entitled. In tandem, the Foundation shall grant to Purchaser a nonexclusive license to use such Tokens on the Platform and contribute to development of the Project in harmony with these Terms and Conditions and as specified by the Platform terms.

2. Projected Token Functionality. As reflected in the White Paper, the Foundation intends the Tokens for two primary utilities: (a) to act as a use license for the sponsorship component of the Platform (subject to the provisions of Paragraph 6 below); and, (b) to facilitate an interactive Platform coordination mechanism for establishing and maintaining Ananas community guidelines and developing and furthering the Platform. the Foundation reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to modify the functionality of Tokens based on needs and development of the Project, technological factors, or any other consideration that impacts timely and proper Token release or Platform functionality.

3. Tokens Provided on an “As Is” Basis. Notwithstanding Paragraph 2 above, Purchaser understands and agrees that Tokens shall be provided “as is,” with no further representation or warranty of any kind.

4. No Claim, Loan, or Ownership Interest. Purchaser understands and agrees that purchase or receipt of Tokens: (i) does not provide Purchaser with any claim with respect to the Foundation and its assets; (ii) is not a loan to the Foundation  and, (iii) does not provide Purchaser with any ownership, proprietary, shareholder, or investor interest in the Foundation or the Project.

5. No Partnership and No Agency. Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall constitute, or be deemed to constitute, a partnership, association, joint venture, or other co-operative entity or endeavor between Purchaser and the Foundation  Nothing in these Terms and Conditions shall constitute, or be deemed to constitute, a designation of either Purchaser or the Foundation as an agent of the other for any purpose.

6. Assumption of Risk: Purchaser Sophistication; Understanding of Token Purposes and Revocable Platform Use License; No Guarantee of Monetary Value. In placing this purchase  Purchaser affirms that s/he has conducted adequate research and possesses sufficient knowledge and experience in blockchain technology and cryptographic tokens to evaluate the risks and merits of the Tokens, and that s/he is able to bear the risks thereof. Purchaser further affirms his/her understanding that the Tokens are intended for utility purposes in powering the Project and facilitating Platform functions and Ananas Platform and community growth and development, and that Purchaser’s primary reason for this purchase is an intention to join the Platform and participate as a Ananas member. Purchaser agrees to hold, use, or transfer Tokens lawfully, and to forfeit his/her license to participate in the Platform as a Ananas member if, in the Foundation's sole discretion, Purchaser violates any of these Terms and Conditions or any fair and reasonable Platform community guideline(s) duly adopted for implementation in the course of the Project. Purchaser acknowledges that his/her use license shall expire upon the sale, transfer, or loss of Tokens, and that safe and secure storage of private cryptographic keys required for access to any purchased Tokens is Purchaser’s sole responsibility. Additionally, Purchaser affirms his/her understanding that, to the extent that Tokens may assume monetary exchange value at any point, such value may experience volatility, or increase or decrease, over time. No guarantee is made concerning the value, if any, of Tokens, or any market platform for their resale or transfer outside the Platform.

7. Compliance. Protection of Ananas member and user privacy in accordance with Platform participant and industry standards is a top priority. Purchaser understands that the Foundation and the Project may be subject to certain regulations that necessitate legal compliance mechanisms and/or preservation of Purchaser information and Platform data pursuant to law.

8. Purchase Conditions. By participating in the Sale Purchaser represents and warrants that: (a) s/he has reviewed and understood these Terms and Conditions and the White Paper and the Foundation website; (b) neither the purchase of Tokens nor anything related to the Foundation or the Project violates any law of the country and legal jurisdiction in which s/he resides; and, (c) any and all personal identifying information or identity documentation provided by Purchaser is true and correct.

9. Indemnification. Purchaser agrees to defend, indemnify, and hold harmless the Foundation against liabilities, costs, damages, and expenses (including settlement costs and reasonable attorneys’ fees) arising from any claim from anybody that results from or relates to Purchaser’s use of Tokens.

10. Non-refundability. All Token purchases are final.

11. All purchases are under UK law.